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Tarantella Sorrentina

Sorrento hotel tarantellaDuring your holiday at a hotel in Sorrento , visit the city and experience the local culture and traditions. The tarantella is one of the most famous folk dances, able to excite and engage with its playful movements and the fast pace of the dance. It is a very old dance, whose origin is quite uncertain, now become a real tourist attraction.

The musicians accompany the dance with typical Neapolitan instruments such as tambourine, guitar, mandolin, violin, castanets, bass and accordion. Beautiful and elegant are the clothes of the dancers: rich in velvets, lace and gold embroidery.

Close to your hotel, in café, restaurant and clubs of the old town, you may attend a spectacular Tarantella which, thanks to its traditional choreography, brings to life the atmosphere of Sorrento of yore.

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