Sorrento Hotel – Museums

Sorrento Hotel and Museums

Sorrento Hotel MuseumsDuring your stay at the hotel in Sorrento, in addition to the beautiful beaches of the peninsula, you can visit the famous museums of the city.

Museo Correale di Terranova

Established by Alfredo and Pompeo Correale at the Villa Rota was inaugurated on May 10, 1924. The collections show the Neapolitan pictorial and decorative arts from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. You can see some of the Flemish and Dutch paintings of the seventeenth century, some Venetian and English furniture of the first half of the eighteenth century and a valuable collection of clocks and miscellaneous items. You can also visit a library and an archeological section.

Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea

Built in 700 to a patrician family of Sorrento, in the nineteenth century it became the residence of Baron Achille Pomarici Santomasi. In 1999, after a thorough restoration becomes the “Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea” which has a rich collection of furniture and objects made of wood inlaid by Sorrentine master craftsmen of the nineteenth century. You’ll also find a collection of paintings by Italian and foreign artists of the nineteenth century, prints and vintage photos of the city.

Museo Georges Vallet – Villa Fondi

Housed in the prestigious Villa Fondi di Sangro in Piano di Sorrento, thanks to this museum, you will discover amazing finds, even prehistoric, found in excavations over the years in the peninsula. Built on two floors, preserves unique memorabilia, such as the magnificent colossal female statue of the Roman imperial period found in Sorrento in 1971 or the nymph mosaic of 55 AD


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Sorrento Hotel – Hotel & Culture

Tarantella Sorrentina

Sorrento hotel tarantellaDuring your holiday at a hotel in Sorrento , visit the city and experience the local culture and traditions. The tarantella is one of the most famous folk dances, able to excite and engage with its playful movements and the fast pace of the dance. It is a very old dance, whose origin is quite uncertain, now become a real tourist attraction.

The musicians accompany the dance with typical Neapolitan instruments such as tambourine, guitar, mandolin, violin, castanets, bass and accordion. Beautiful and elegant are the clothes of the dancers: rich in velvets, lace and gold embroidery.

Close to your hotel, in café, restaurant and clubs of the old town, you may attend a spectacular Tarantella which, thanks to its traditional choreography, brings to life the atmosphere of Sorrento of yore.

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Sorrento Hotel – Sirena d’Oro

Sirena d’oro of Sorrento

sorrento hotel sirena awardsIf you want to enjoy the typical dishes of Sorrento simple cuisine, cooked by the most renowned restaurants in the city, a short walk from Hotel in Sorrento you can attend the event “Premio Sirena d’Oro” (“Golden Mermaid Award).

The “Premio Sirena d’Oro” is a tribute that Sorrento addresses to the most important product of Italian agriculture: extra virgin olive oil, a distinctive product that brings together north and south italy.
The event offers a wonderful trip down memory lane, enriched by the opportunity to taste the dishes of the simple cuisine of the Sorrento Peninsula, prepared according to tradition, from the restaurants of Sorrento.



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Sorrento Hotel – Church of St. Francis

Church of St.Francis – Sorrento Hotel

Sorrento Hotel ChurchA short walk from your hotel in Sorrento , you can visit the Church of St. Francis. Made in the Baroque style, its white marble facade was restored in 1926, whereas the main entrance portal (XV century) was made of wood.

Originally oratory founded by the patron saint of Sorrento, in the fourteenth century, the Franciscan friars built the church.

Famous are the two frescoes of 700 emerged from the restoration of 1926 depicting Saint Anthony of Padua and St. James, and a wooden statue of St. Francis with Christ crucified.

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Sorrento Hotel News

News from Sorrento Hotel

Sorrento hotel showAfter the success of the exhibition of Salvador Dali and Mario Sironi, if you stay in a hotel in Sorrento, discover great art with “Pablo Picasso. Eclettismo di un Genio” (“Pablo Picasso. Eclecticism of a Genius”) in Villa Fiorentino. There are numerous carvings, pottery, oil paintings and other works.

There are numerous carvings, pottery, oil paintings and other works.

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Sorrento Hotel – History and Culture

SORRENTO HOTEL – The History and Culture of Sorrento

Sorrento Hotel HistoryTradition has it that Sorrento was founded by the Greeks, but had instead, as first inhabitants, the Etruscans. Become a duchy, after the crisis of the Byzantine rule, Sorrento knows a period of wars and battles against the neighboring duchies and the Saracens.

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Sorrento Hotel – Where is Sorrento?

View of Sorrento (hotel)Sorrento (Neapolitan: Surriento) is a town and comune in Campania, southern Italy, with some 16,500 inhabitants. It is a popular tourist destination which can be reached easily from Naples and Pompeii, as it lies at the south-eastern end of the Circumvesuviana rail line. The town overlooks the Bay of Naples as the key place of the Sorrentine Peninsula, and many viewpoints allow sight of Naples itself, Vesuvius, and the Isle of Capri.

The Amalfi Drive (connecting Sorrento and Amalfi) is a narrow road that threads along the high cliffs above the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Ferry boats and hydrofoils provide services to Naples, Amalfi, Positano, Capri and Ischia. Sorrento’s sea cliffs and luxury hotels have attracted notable people, including Enrico Caruso and Luciano Pavarotti.

Sorrento is famous for the production of limoncello, a digestif made from lemon rinds, alcohol, water and sugar. Other agricultural production includes citrus fruit, wine, nuts and olives. Wood craftsmanship is also developed.
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