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Sorrento Travel Guide – Sorrent Hotel

Sorrento Hotel TravelThe beautiful landscape of Sorrento , alternating hills, deep valleys and majestic mountains, is known for its stepped terraces planted with orange, lemon, olive trees and grapevines. The mild and dry climate lasts almost all year round, that’s why the town is the ideal destination for any kind of holiday.

Sorrento is a lively city and masterly combines its maritime and rural identities. There are numerous hotels and shopping centers in the peninsula. The hill is crossed by narrow streets, bordered by walls which enclose old citrus groves.
Not to be missed:

• Basilica della Madonna del Lauro (XVIII) with the neoclassical facade that stands at the end of a beautiful staircase. Inside a marble pulpit of the nineteenth century, statues and inlaid wood cabinets of the eighteenth century. The entrance portal is richly carved into wooden panels with religious subjects. The venerated statue of Our Lady is a Byzantine sculpture built between the late eighth and early ninth century, when the territory of the peninsula was under the rule of Byzantium.
• The old town, definitely one of the most beautiful historical centers of the Sorrento peninsula, is full of old buildings with courtyards surrounded by eighteenth-century streets that lead to the sea.

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