Sorrento Hotel – Easter in Sorrento

Easter in Sorrento HotelIf you book your room at the hotel in Sorrento over Easter, you can participate in numerous festivals and rites characteristic of the city.

You can attend the ceremony of the Sepulchres arranged on Holy Thursday: the altars of the churches are decorated with flowers, candles and “lavureddi”, which are cereals made sprout at home and brought as a gift by the faithful.

In the Good Friday processions, the statue of the Madonna, dressed in mourning, keeps vigil on the lifeless body of Her Son.

The symbolism of the clothes of the processions is very important: white, black, red, and purple represent death and resurrection of Christ. Unique are the characters dressed in costumes of the ancient Romans, which make the processions even more special and help to recreate the atmosphere of the times gone by.

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