Sorrento Hotel

Choose Sorrento for the perfect holiday. Admire the unique landscape, woods, sea, mountains and famous valleys abundant with citrus fruits. Enjoy some peace and quiet in one of the natural beauty spots or explore the many cultural and historical places of interest. For sports lovers you can even join in with some mountain excursions or nature walks.

Sorrento Enogastronomia

Sorrento Hotel Food and Wine

Discover the antique charm of the historical coastal town of Sorrento.  Surrounded by lemon and olive groves it is dominated by the majestic Mount Vesuvius.  Admire the beautiful views and savour the traditional dishes served in local family run restaurants.  Taste the typical Sorrento lifestyle!

The city of Sorrento has an antique dairy farming tradition.  You will find gastronomic itineraries to introduce you to local products and producers and delight you with their antique flavours and traditional wines.  Sample some limoncello, a typical Sorrentine liqueur, the famous Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the peninsula, Gragnano pasta and dairy products from Agerola.

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Sorrento Hotel – Places of Interest

Sorrento Hotel Places

Visit Sorrento and become entranced by the “Dolce Vita” of this magnificent Italian city.  You will find boutique shops selling typical products of the area, museums with unique collections, breath-taking views and, obviously, fantastic restaurants and pizzerias.

The climate here is very mild, it seems like summer even at the beginning of the year! You can discover some of the natural beauty spots of the peninsula and take a dip in the wonderful sea or explore some of the beautiful Renaissance buildings and the historic Roman churches.

In addition you can also take a quick 20-minute ferry trip and visit the enchanting island of Capri!

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Sorrento Hotel – The Origins

Sorrento Hotel History

Within easy reach of your Sorrento hotel are the City’s famous museums, where you can discover the origins of the town.

The name Sorrento is not taken from the Myth of the Mermaids (Sirens) but does in fact derive from the Greek verb “surreo”, meaning, “to flow together”.  This refers to the morphology of the Sorrentine Coast with its two very distinct seawater courses that emerge in the distance.

The archaeological artefacts conserved in the  Museo Correale and also Villa Fondi, in the  Museo Gorge Vallet, at Piano di Sorrento, are testimony to a Neolithic presence in villages in both the valley and on the surrounding hills.

The history of Sorrento has been reconstructed from archaeological finds and the multiple ancient sources of information available, even though they are often fragmented and difficult to understand.    To date the origins of Sorrento are controversial.  Some historians believe it to be of Greek origin, others of Etruscan.

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